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Monte Hellman – “Road to Nowhere”


Rebel filmmaker Monte Hellman, discusses his new film “Road to Nowhere”.

Los Angeles, 2011





THENEWCINEMA: You have stated in other interviews that “Road to Nowhere” is your first real Monte Hellman film.  Can you elaborate?

MONTE HELLMAN: It’s the first time I’ve been able to realize a project of my own, started by me, and created without any external attempts to influence.


TNC: How was working with the Canon 5D different compared to shooting on film? What were the biggest pros and cons, not just technically but creatively?

MH: Well… the biggest difference is, you can put the camera in places you can never put a normal film camera… I mean literally we would be in a booth in a bar and the camera would be taped to the wall in a place where you could never put a regular camera so it made it possible to use real locations in a way not possible with traditional means. I mean that’s one of the big advantages, the fact… that you can put the camera in places you normally couldn’t, and the other big advantage is you can shoot in the street and people don’t know that you’re making a movie.


TNC: Did it mean you were able to shoot without permits?

MH: Whenever we were actually shooting in L.A. or shooting in North Carolina, we had to have permits. You know, It was only with a few scenes that you go out with three people… but on a day to day basis you need to get the same permits you need to have the same number of people… it’s not very different.


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