How To Do Gel Nails With A DIY Gel Nail Kit

Gel nails have been well-favored by many nail fashion mavens and there are no reasons why they should not. This nail polish alternative makes the nails strong enough to resist breaking and chipping. With the gel product on your nails, it seems like each of your nails has been layered with a protective coating that helps it resist being damaged. This also makes gel polish long wearing and with a lasting sheer shine.

To make the deal even sweeter, the formulation for the gel nails are made to be safe and healthy for the nails. Most gel nail products are made with essential vitamins and minerals for nails each time the product is applied to them. In the process, the nails grow stronger and longer with each application of the gel nail polish.

Another thing about gel nails is that gel nails can be done even by a total newbie. Gel nail product manufacturers have made it easier for anyone to do it at home. You won’t need to go to the salon and wait for your turn if you want to have your nails done with a gel nail polish. All you have to do is secure for yourself all the products and tools (including a DIY gel nail kit)needed to create gorgeous nails finished with a gel nail polish and a willingness to learn the application process.

Did we not mention that it is easy? Just follow the instructions below and you will have flawless nails to flaunt in no time.

You can buy the contents that make up a gel nail kit separately or just consider picking one DIY gel nail kit available in local beauty stores as well as online. If you are considering buying one online, your best option would be You’ll find top rated products in this category with all previous feedback and reviews that you can check out to weigh your options.

If you consider buying the contents separately, here are the products that you should be looking for:

Special Lighting Device To Cure The Nails

1. LED or UV Lamp. Many gel nail polish needs to be cured under a special lamp to dry. There are gel-like products that do not require curing, but those that are placed under a UV or a LED lamp seem to last longer.

The primary difference between these two light sources is that the LED lamp gets to cure the nails quicker than a UV lamp. Less exposure means it is safer for the nails and the skin.

Preparation and Wipe Solution for DIY gel nails

2. Preparation and wipe solution.

3. Gel base coat and top coat. Though these gel products are often sold together, you can opt to buy them separately.

4. Gel Polish Color. There are several brands that you can choose from when it comes to gel polish including OPI, DND, Kiara Sky, Bio Seaweed, and more

5. Nail Polish Remover

6. Other items. Lint-free pads, orange sticks, emery boards,

How To Do Gel Nails With A Gel Nail Kit

Most probably, you are already familiar with gel nails and how they look and feel on your nails. If you plan to do it on your own, having a gel nail kit is the best thing you will need to have first.

1. Prepare the nails. You’ll need to have a clean surface to start with. Remove any old polish on your nails using a lint-free pad soaked in an acetone-free nail polish remover. Have your nails trimmed, shaped, filed, and buffed before proceeding to the next step. You don’t want to have polish on nails that are not even out or one with hangnails and dry skin and cuticles sticking on the edges of your nails. Make sure that the nail surface is thoroughly clean before you apply the gel nail products.

2. Apply the base coat. Once your nail surface is clean, you can apply the base coat. Apply a thin layer of the base coat down the tip of the nail to “seal” in the polish. Don’t forget to cap the tip with the polish as this will make the gel polish more difficult to chip off.

3. Cure the base coat. Most gel nails need to be exposed to a LED or UV lamp before the product will bond and cure. This is a crucial process as it is what makes the gel nail strong, hence longer-lasting. There are lamps that are designed with automatic on and off feature, so you won’t have to guess whether your polish is already totally cured.

4. Apply the gel color. Once the base coat is totally cured, you may apply a thin layer of the gel coat. Cure your nails under the lamp for about two minutes. For a more solid color, apply a second layer of the gel polish, then cure under the lamp.

5. Apply the top coat. You are almost done and soon enough you will see your gorgeous nails. As with all the previous applications, you’ll want to have a thin layer of the gel top coat on your nails. Then, cure for another two minutes under the lamp.

6. Wipe the nails with the prep and wipe solution. After removing your nails from the lamp, your nails will feel a bit sticky. To remove that, you’ll need to gently wipe each nail with a lint-free pad that has been soaked in the Prep + Wipe solution. Once you’re done, you’ll find shiny, polished nails underneath. It will be dry to the touch and will be strong enough to resist chipping and breaking. And, yes, you can wear those nails for weeks.

As gel nails can really stick longer on your nails than a regular polish, they will be a lot more difficult to remove. You’ll need to soak your nails in a piece of cotton with a nail polish remover and wrap a foil around each nail. It will take about fifteen minutes before you will see the polish starting to lift off from your nails. It will take some time, but you should be patient. There is no need to force the gel polish off  your nails or you might just damage the nails.

Are you ready to give it a try? Get your own DIY Gel Nail Kit now and practice doing your nails now. You’ll do better with each application.